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Engaging Associates

For over 15 years we have actively worked to help leaders create healthy, engaging, inspiring and encouraging workplaces.  We are guided by our belief and experience that associate engagement and commitment holds the key to increasing patient satisfaction, quality outcomes and enhancing organizational performance.  Experience shows it is not possible for disgruntled, disengaged staff to deliver an excellent patient experience. 

The link between associate engagement and the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty has received a lot of attention in management publications.  While the linkage is clear, what has not been as forthcoming is how leaders create an effective, healthy culture. 

At LeadingWise, we know how to create healthy engaging work environments.  Our evidence-based approach is proven to help enhance associate engagement, satisfaction and commitment.  Healthy workplaces are ones where associates:

  • Are committed to the organization's vision and values
  • Use their strengths and talents
  • Are clear about performance expectations
  • Learn and grow
  • Receive meaningful recognition
  • Feel cared about as a person 


 Healthy Organizations Deliver Healthy Outcomes SM


At LeadingWise we partner with you to help you build a healthy organization.  Our professionals are dedicated to making a difference where it counts, in your organization.  Contact us to discover how our evidence-based approach has generated proven results for our partners.