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Leadership and Executive Coaching Process


Successful coaching relationships are built on trust.  At LeadingWise, we adhere to a strict code of ethics when working with clients.  We begin by establishing shared principles that will guide the relationship and focus on achieving desired outcomes.

Our ADAPT coaching process is based on the principles of adult learning.  Experience is the best teacher.  Our coaching process is designed to help our coaching partners use their experiences to discover their leadership talents and opportunites for growth.  Steps in our process include:


  • Diagnose performance issues and opportunities
  • Utilize feedback tools and assessments
  • Interview and solicit feedback
  • Review results of past actions


  • Discover strengths and limitations 
  • Discuss "best practices"
  • Engage in experiential learning


  • Determine how apply new concepts and ideas
  • Create action plans
  • Describe expected results


  • Field test new concepts and ideas
  • Work on implementing action plans
  • Review Things to do and Questions to Answer


  • Engage in critical reflection
  • Think about the unintended consequences of you actions
  • Record key insights and chart progress
  • Assess lessons learned
  • Determine next steps